He was born in 1983 in Ordu. He completed his undergraduate studies at the Photography and Graphic Arts Department of Kocaeli University Fine Arts Faculty in 2012, majoring in Photography. After his undergraduate studies, he continued his education at the department of photography of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Institute of Fine Arts. During his undergraduate education, he started to produce his works on the concept of space and during his graduate education, he started to use philosophy and sociological approaches to emphasize his studies. In these studies, the relationship between object, space and portrait can be seen more in recent studies. In his works, along with her approach to contemporary documentary photography, he gives place to personal stories and experiences. The relation he established with the subject in his own words can be described as a semi-documentary semi-fictional design process.

Group Exhibitions


2018- Aspect Balkan Photography Festival, Thessaloniki, Greece

2018- Elgiz Museum, Resource Utopia / Utopia as Source, Istanbul

2016- Kantar, Bursa Photography Festival, Bursa, Turkey

2016- 1st Istanbul Photography Book Festival, Istanbul, FUAM

2015- From Room to Room, MSGSÜ Tophane - İ - Amirane KSM Sarnic Gallery, Istanbul

2015- Demolition, Gallery Synthesis, Bulgaria

2014- FotoIstanbul, 1. Besiktas International Photography Festival, Cities And Stories, Istanbul

2012- Moon and Stars - Young Photographers Award Exhibition, Istanbul, Photo House, Istanbul



2018 - Resource Utopia / Utopia as Source - Andreas Rost,Micheal Biedowicz, Volkan Kızıltunç, Istanbul

2016 - Frederic Lezmi - Marcus Schaden Photo Book Workshop, Istanbul

2015 - Martina Hoogland Ivanov, Isolation and Belonging Adjacencies in Photography ,İstanbul Genis Aci Proje Ofisi, Salt Galata, Turkey,Istanbul